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Wastwater Screes – Tue 11th Aug 2009 – Callout 53 in 2009 (limited)

‘999’ call received from an informant who reported a couple exhausted and unable to continue on the Screes path near the western end of Wastwater. A limited callout was carried out and the boat team mobilised. Whilst this rescue was being undertaken, a second callout came in from the police and the main group were diverted. A small group continued to search the Screes path both on foot and using the rescue boat. No one was seen or heard and the informants had already left the Wasdale YHA where the call was made. The incident was stood down around 6.30 p.m. with nothing found. Six team members were involved. It is probable that the couple regained sufficient energy to walk themselves off the mountain before the team arrived.

Incident Type
Location Wastwater Screes

Incident started at 17:12 and ended at 18:30 making 1.3 hrs in total. There were 6 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 15015 04352 (90m). Total man hours: 8

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