67 in 2012
East Buttress, Scafell

We were contacted by Police regarding a group reported who were lost after summiting Scafell Pike. A grid reference was given by the casualty party and a hasty search of the main paths was initiated. Two of the party of seven were located near the plank bridge in Upper Eskdale and they walked out to Brotherilkeld. The remaining five were located near Foxes Tarn gully and were then escorted to Brackenclose.  This required a climb up to the Mickledore Ridge followed by a rope aided descent of Mickledore gully to safer ground in Hollowstones.  There were 9 team members involved and base was closed around 4.45am.

Incident started at 19:44. There were 9 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 210 066 (altitude 812 m).