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Great Gable
Other Agencies
We were alerted by Cumbria Police about a walker who had sustained an ankle injury on the way down from Great Gable. There was no mobile signal from the walker’s position, so the team deployed with limited information as to their position. Subsequently, a passing walker was able to give an accurate location to the police.
On arrival, the walker was given pain relief, the injury was treated, and she was stretchered off the hill. The descent for the stretcher party from this location is not easy, and it required a large number of team members to provide a roped “walking belay” from the rear.
Once down safely in the valley, the casualty was taken to hospital by land ambulance. We hope she makes a speedy recovery. Our thanks yet again to Duddon and Furness team and also to the farm to allow us access. We are grateful for the help.

Incident started at 19:27 and ended at 01:54 making 6.5 hrs in total. There were 13 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 205101. Total rescuer hours: 85