28 in 2002
Scafell Pike

Whitehaven police put out an incident alert on the pager system to rescue a father and his two teenage sons who had become disorientated on their descent from Scafell Pike. They had a mobile phone so the team could ask a number of questions that helped locate their position. They had set off from Seatoller (Keswick side of Styhead Pass) earlier that day, intending to return to their car that evening. The cloud was down to 200 metres and very muggy. The group were eventually found just to the south of Lingmel summit adjacent to the dry stone wall. This wall is a very useful landmark. They were safely walked off the mountain and transported back to Gosforth where they stayed the rest of the night before traveling back to Seatoller to collect the car the following day.

Incident started at 18:50.