35 in 2000
Esk Hause

Call via Whitehaven Police regarding a man with a mobile phone. He had rung 999 to report that his partner was suffering from exhaustion. When the team leader rang him, he found that his partner was not seriously exhausted and that they were in fact near Esk Hawse. We finished the conversation and agreed that they should continue towards Wasdale Head, while they still had 2 hrs of remaining daylight. They rang to say they were off safely at 2030 hrs. . (postscript – it would have taken the team several hours to have reached them, by which time it was likely that she really would have been very cold and tired, sitting still waiting for us. Even then, unless she had been a real stretcher case, she would still have had to walk down. The team leader got a strong feeling that they really wanted someone to make the decision for them. He therefore advised them to eat what food they had left and continue down the mountain.)

Incident started at 18:00.