Esk Hause – Sat 2nd Nov 2019

The team was called to help a group of three walkers lost descending Scafell Pike. Their location was determined using PhoneFind as below Esk Hause in Upper Eskdale. A group of team members made their way to the casualties’ location via Sty Head and escorted them back to Wasdale Head.

Esk Hause – Wed 25th Oct 2017

The Team was called after an ML group came across a party of 4 lost below Esk Hause. They offered to escort the party to Styhead where 2 team members who were heading out for a run met them and took then down to Wasdale Head.

Esk Hause – Sat 21st Oct 2017

We were called by Police about a group of walkers who were reported as wet through and poorly equipped for the conditions, one of whom was also missing. The group were found by a mountain leader at the Esk Hause shelter. As this is in Keswick Team’s patch the incident Read more…

Esk Hause – Thu 7th Jul 2016

We were called by our colleagues in Langdale Team about a couple of walkers who had become lost on the Eskdale side of Esk Hause. Using Sarloc, Langdale team determined they were in our patch and passed the call over. A small WMRT team then located them near the specified Read more…

Esk Hause – Wed 3rd Jun 2015

We were contacted by Cumbria Police about a party of four and a dog lost near to Esk Hause. We were unable to contact them due to poor signal they were given time to turn up and we stood down when it was confirmed that they were in Borrowdale.

Esk Hause – Fri 17th Aug 2012

The team was contacted by the police to help two female walkers who were walking from Seathwaite to Boot. They had become lost after descending into Eskdale but not being able to cross the river. They had returned to the Esk Hause region and were given directions over the phone Read more…

Esk Hause – Mon 19th Nov 2001

Call to support Keswick MRT searching for a missing male walker traveling across the tops to Netherwasdale. Full details of the rescue to follow from the team leader shortly. Missing person found safe and well sheltering at Esk Hause shelter in the early hours of Wednesday morning. rescue base closed Read more…