44 in 2000
Scafell Pike

Two adult men had rung 999 (from their mobile phone) to report becoming lost while attempting to descend from the summit of Scafell Pike. The team leader rang them back and asked them questions about the features they had passed and determined that they were probably on the footpath, at the top of Piers Gill. At this point, another walker appeared out of the mist and appeared to know where he was. The two men were told to walk back over to Hollowstones and to descend Brown Tongue – the third party was also able to point them in the right direction. Phone reception was not very good, and a number of calls had to be made until the team leader was fully satisfied that no further action was required. Whitehaven Police were informed of the action taken the log closed on the incident about ten minutes after it started. This incident again demonstrates a general trend of how walkers are starting to use mountain rescue teams (and their phones). They are reaching out for assistance at the first sign of trouble, instead of using maps, compasses and common sense to get them off the hill.

Incident started at 16:00.