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Lingmell Col, Scafell Pike
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In the third and last deployment of the day, both Wasdale MRT and Duddon and Furness MRT vehicles were asked to hold position on their return to base from the previous tasking. A further call had been received from Cumbria Police regarding a walker who was reported to be feeling unwell and dizzy after being on the fell for many hours. They were also wet and cold, and unable to make further progress.
Members of both teams responded once more and returned to Brackenclose for the ascent, with Duddon and Furness MRT first on the hill.
On arrival the Duddon and Furness MRT team members found that many passing walkers had stopped to help the casualty in various ways : food and drink, energy gels, emergency shelter and foil blanket. This no doubt helped the casualty both physically and psychologically and many thanks go to all those who delayed their own journeys to help a fellow walker.
The team medics then assessed the casualty but following this had enough concerns to request a quicker evacuation to hospital via helicopter. Once again, the Coastguard team were engaged and this time Rescue 199 from Prestwick was despatched to assist, with the team on scene continuing to provide monitoring and reassurance.
With the cloud base lifting nicely, Rescue 199 was able to access the casualty site and then fly the casualty to hospital for further assessment. We hope he recovers quickly and is able to return to the fells soon.
Thanks again to Duddon and Furness MRT and the crew of Rescue 199.
This time both MRT teams returned to base and then their homes without another call. in total, the Wasdale MRT base was operational yesterday from 0530 until 2330 with three lengthy back to back callouts. A bit of an epic day!

Incident started at 17:08 and ended at 23:19 making 6.2 hrs in total. There were 11 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 209077. Total rescuer hours: 68