Muncaster Fell – Mon 2nd Nov 2020

An off-duty policeman reported seeing a flashing light on Muncaster Fell, maybe 1 – 2km from the A595. A team member drove around the area looking for lights or parked cars in likely locations. Nothing was found and no-one had been reported missing.

Muncaster Fell – Sun 27th Aug 2017

We were called by Police about a group of 4 walkers reporting themselves lost on Muncaster Fell. Using sarloc their position was established and then a small team diverted from the way back from the previous incident and helped walk them off the hill.

2003 Rescue 38

Pager request from the Police to respond to a mobile phone call for help from two walkers who were lost on Muncaster Fell. Although they could see the valley bottom, they were off the path, unnerved and needed help. The team were mustered and groups sent in from both the Read more…