60 in 2011
Scafell Pike

Call came in from Cumbria Police regarding a ‘999’call from two ladies who reported they were lost on Scafell Pike and next to a cliff edge.  The Team leader was unable to make contact with the two ladies on the mobile number as their phone had been switched off.  No further action was taken as the weather had improved and no contact could be made.  At around 8.30 p.m. the police requested an update and were hopeful that some action might be taken to find the two ladies.  A limited callout at 9.00 p.m. with six team members responding.  Two of these team members had already been walking up the Pike and had met two ladies who reported that they had been lost but had met up with a couple of other walkers who put them on the right path.  When the team leader eventually managed to speak on the phone to the two ladies, they confirmed that they were safely off the mountain and that they had been in touch with the police to say so and that no further action was necessary.  Incident was closed at 10.20 p.m.

Walkers are reminded to keep their phones switched on after dialing ‘999’ and to avoid moving from their location.  A member of the team will always be trying to call the number and if there is a weak signal will use text messaging.

Incident started at 15:52 and ended at 22:00 making 6.1 hrs in total. There were 6 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 37

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