78 in 2011
Upper Eskdale
Other Agencies

We were called out to look for two young men on the three peaks who became disoriented on the descent and found themselves in Eskdale. Realising they were in the wrong valley they climbed upwards to find a mobile signal, eventually getting to broken ground below Horn Crag / Slight Side. They had a GPS that put them on Yorkshire Rake Crag, however a position given by the GPS in their smartphone put them on High Scarth Crag. This was where the team found them around 05:00 and then walked them back to Eskdale where they were re-united with one of their fathers who was driving them on the 3 peaks.

It’s perhaps worth saying that although they got into a good position for mobile reception which did help us to find them and they were shining a torch upwards they were difficult to spot visually and couldn’t hear our whistles or flares due to strong winds and being inside their bivvi bags. Taking shelter is the first priority in these situations but after that being spottable or able to hear the noise we will be making can help us out.

Incident started at 02:20 and ended at 07:00 making 4.7 hrs in total. Incident occured at NY 21372 04562 (altitude 479 m).