66 in 2005

The deputy team leader was contacted regarding a report of flashing lights on the Wastwater. There was significant confusion as to what the incident was since the Police, when contacted, had no record of the incident. The ‘999’ had been put through to the Coastguard who had then passed the information onto one of the Wasdale farms who managed to get the message through to the team. The Coastguard were contacted although there was limited information to pass on apart from the informants mobile number. It transpired that a passing motorist had seen the flashing lights on the water, had responded with flashing headlamps and got flashes back which appeared to be coming from the Lake itself, but were actually the reflection of walkers head torches. The walkers had been making their way slowly down Great Hall Gill, just above the pump house at the bottom end of Wastwater. When it was finally established that there were no lives at risk the incident was closed at 6.45 p.m. Not recorded as a formal incident but noted here for information.

Incident started at 18:10. There were 18 Wasdale team members involved.