Wastwater – Thu 25th Jul 2019

We were contacted by Cumbria Police after shouts for help reported by an anonymous caller from the lakeshore. 2 kayakers were on dry land on the far side of the lake, one had been seen to be in the water. Neither had a buoyancy aid. The team responded along with Read more…

Wastwater – Sat 13th Jul 2019

As we were returning from the Mickledore incident a further call came from NWAS about a swimmer who reported feeling dizzy after getting out of Wast Water. Team was quickly on scene and provided medical treatment before a land ambulance arrived and the casualty was handed over to NWAS paramedics.

Wastwater – Fri 2nd Aug 2013

The team was called out after a report of people getting into difficulty on Wastwater. We launched our boat and searched the banks of the lake to confirm that the people had managed to make their own way off the lake.

Wastwater – Fri 25th Nov 2005

The deputy team leader was contacted regarding a report of flashing lights on the Wastwater. There was significant confusion as to what the incident was since the Police, when contacted, had no record of the incident. The ‘999’ had been put through to the Coastguard who had then passed the Read more…