30 in 2006
Scafell Pike

Call from the Wasdale Head Inn – Long overdue group of 3 Three Peakers who were part of a much larger group – the faster group of three had been last seen at Hollowstones at 7.30 p.m. – they were a group of thirty years olds from the Portsmouth area. The Team Leader phoned the Brotherikeld phone box and got no reply. He then asked the police if they had received any reports earlier that evening from phone boxes of people turning up in Eskdale or elsewhere. TL decided to sit on it for a bit and while getting his gear together the Police called back to say that they had checked their log and a group had called in at 10.45 pm to say they had come down at Brotherikeld and were safe and well. Incident not recorded as an official incident statistic but recorded here to indicate team workload.

Incident started at 23:00. There was 1 Wasdale team member involved.