25 in 2023
Broad Crag
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We were called by Cumbria Police about two walkers who had made a navigational error on the descent from Scafell Pike and had ended up on difficult ground to the North of Broad Crag summit. Now finding themselves with steep drops all around, darkness falling and deteriorating weather conditions they wisely called for help.
Phonefind was used by the Team Leader to successfully locate the walkers. Fortunately the pair were intending to wild camp lower down, so were well equipped to safely spend the night out. This was decided as the best course of action to minimise risk to the team with a callout requested for an RV at base at 0600 on Saturday.
The next morning, a group of four team members were deployed to the walkers’ location, where additional warm clothing and helmets were given. They were then assisted back up the steep ground to the summit of Broad Crag, from where a standard walk-off could take place. The walkers were escorted to Wasdale Head Inn, from where they were looking forward to a warmup, food and drink and and then a long and expensive taxi journey back to their car.
The team members made their way back to base to replenish the vehicle and enjoy tea and pizza. However, just as the cuppas were being finished, the pager sounded for the next job…….

Incident started at 18:29 and ended at 13:12 making 18.7 hrs in total. There were 7 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 219078. Total rescuer hours: 131