Great End – Wed 8th Jun 2022

A call was received from Cumbria Police about 2 walkers who had lost the path in mist on Scafell Pike/Great End. It was not possible to contact them and Phone Find didn’t locate on this occasion but fortunately the mist cleared enough for them to get their bearings and make Read more…

Scafell Pike – Mon 16th May 2022

We were alerted regarding a walker who had become disorientated on the descent from Scafell Pike. Unfortunately it was not possible to talk him off so a small group of team members went to find and escort him off, which he was able to do after some rewarming.

Great Gable – Thu 10th Mar 2022

We were contacted by Cumbria Police regarding two walkers who had become lost descending Great Gable. The Team Leader was able to ascertain their location with Phone Find and then guide them down onto the path and then onwards to Wasdale Head.

Scafell Pike – Mon 31st Jan 2022

As the team was returning to base from the previous callout, a further call was received requesting help from two walkers who were lost on Scafell Pike. The Team Leader used Phone Find to determine their initial location, and then provided guidance to enable them to safely walk themselves down Read more…

Scafell Pike – Sat 15th Jan 2022

We were alerted by Cumbria Police regarding two walkers who reported themselves lost on the descent from Scafell Pike. “Phonefind” put them partway between the summit and Mickledore. They were given directions to descend via Mickledore and were asked to keep using Phonefind to pinpoint their location. When there were Read more…