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Corridor Route, Scafell Pike
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The third call of the evening from Cumbria Police started with a similar situation to the previous one. A party of 3 inexperienced walkers were lost on their descent at exactly the same location. Their waterproofs had failed and footwear was inadequate so they were concerned for their safety. They were stuck and unable to move.
Again a limited callout was made to locate and escort the party off the fell, however, shortly afterwards further information was received saying that one of the walkers was now unconscious. This escalated the matter significantly and so a full callout was made and assistance requested from Keswick MRT for help with urgent medical care and a likely stretcher carry. They further asked for support from the visiting RAF MRT teams.
About 30 minutes later more information was received saying that the party was now on the move, but it was not possible to confirm if the unconscious walker had recovered and was with them.
Both Keswick and Wasdale teams proceeded towards the walking party from differing directions. It was with some relief when the Keswick team met the party at Greenhow Knott and it was confirmed all were present and well. Two members of the Keswick team escorted them off the fell to Seathwaite, whilst the remaining team members diverted onto an urgent search for the final call of the day….

Incident started at 19:05 and ended at 00:17 making 5.2 hrs in total. There were 12 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY219086. Total rescuer hours: 62