24 in 2020
Styhead Path, Great Gable
Other Agencies

We were called by Cumbria Police to say a 64 year old female had tripped and injured her ankle. There was no mobile phone signal at the location so her husband had to walk to the nearest farm (Burnthwaite) to summon help. He was able to give a good description of the location some 200-300 metres beyond the intake wall on the lower Sty Head path.

A full team call out was initiated, and the team briefed at base. Two team members were asked to go direct as an advance party. They found the casualty just beyond the intake wall, having been carried there piggy-back by a passing paramedic! Many thanks to him for that and for his medical help.

The injured leg was splinted and the lady was transported by stretcher (and wheel) to the waiting ambulance at Burnthwaite.

Although the weather was fine and dry, it was exceptionally wet underfoot following torrential overnight rain.

A team member was COVID-19 “safety officer”, ensuring that social distancing was maintained throughout (all in necessary PPE). Following the incident, decontamination and quarantining at base took place.

Incident started at 18:19 and ended at 22:30 making 4.2 hrs in total. There were 16 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY207093. Total rescuer hours: 67