85 in 2010
Brown Tongue, Scafell Pike

A group of four walkers visiting the area, a female in early 20’s and a male and two females in their early 30’s had climbed Scafell Pike and were descending when they found themselves totally cut-off by a raging stream (Lingmell Gill) that earlier in the day had been easily crossed with care. Very heavy rainfall that day had swollen the becks and although they were well equipped including a survival shelter, a swollen river crossing was out of the question. There was no safe crossing point and more rain was forecast that evening which would have made evacuation more treacherous and two of the group had medical conditions. Their medical condition had prevented them from going back up the mountain to find an alternative route. Wasdale team kitted up for a specialist, swift water evacuation of the four walkers using rope systems and personal protective gear. The walkers, assisted by rescuers and wading up to their waists were safely brought across the stream and walked back down the mountain. The roads in the valley bottom remain heavily flooded but passable with care. 18 team members involved including three swift water technicians and six water responders (bankside safety). Incident closed at around 8.30 p.m.

Incident started at 15:42 and ended at 20:30 making 4.8 hrs in total. There were 18 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 19560 07442 (altitude 318 m). Total rescuer hours: 86