13 in 2004
Scafell Pike

Not logged as an incident. A mixed group doing the three peaks became lost, were tired and cold and their lights were failing so they dialed ‘999’ for mountain rescue. 0255 hrs call from Workington Police. A group of five people (males and females from Watford) had got “stuck” a third of the way down Scafell Pike. They were doing the 3 Peaks Challenge but their lights had run out of battery power and they’d lost the path down. The Team Leader rang to confirm no one was injured and that they were just cold. While on the phone, the informant said she could see another group of lights coming up hill toward them. He therefore advised her to ask that group for assistance and went back to bed. They rang the Team Leader at home again at 0440 hrs, to tell him they were all off the hill. He went back to bed again.Note from the Team Leader – Not one that will get an “Incident” Number but I think we should log these type of calls for public record. I also think people should be reminded that we voluntarily provide an emergency service. Whilst we will always respond without hesitation, for anyone who is injured or will come to harm if we don’t; a group of five adults who only have to wait two hours until daylight are not at significant risk. Mountain Rescue’s role is not to provide a free guide service.

Incident started at 03:00.