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Cam Spout, Scafell
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We were called by Police about a lady who had fallen on the steep section of path descending the base of Cam Spout and sustained a head injury. Our colleagues in the Duddon & Furness Team were contacted by NWAS about the same job at the same time. NWAS also despatched the North West Air Ambulance from Manchester. Initially information was difficult to obtain due to poor mobile signal in the area. Once on scene Helimed advised the casualty was in a difficult position and they may not be able to access them. With this news the Coastguard helicopter was requested and R199 from Prestwick set off. We later got further news indicating the casualty was now able to walk with assistance and was helped into the air ambulance and then flown out to hospital.

Incident started at 18:08 and ended at 21:30 making 3.4 hrs in total. There were 18 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY21737 05914 (altitude 462 m). Total rescuer hours: 61