48 in 2000

Alert raised for three persons last seen going onto the fells by a local farmer at 1400 hrs. with light sacks. Their car with French number plates was left on the roadside at the cattle grid entry to Wasdale, just before Buckbarrow. The police requested a search of the lower fell area. A limited call out was made and the tracks within Blengdale forest were searched by vehicle. A dog handler searched the upper slopes of Blengdale behind Windsor farm. Footsteps were found in the snow leading towards Haycock. It was a very clear night with temperatures falling to -10 centigrade and a good covering of snow. It was decided to call off the search at 0200hrs. and resume at first light. A second, full call out was made at 0820 the following morning to search Seatallen and Haycock. SARDA lakes were also organised. At 0830 hrs a telephone call (mobile) was received from the (four) missing persons who were camping at Greendale Tarn. Well intentioned false alarm, however considering the extreme conditions and the information provided to the police and team, the decision to search was appropriate.

Incident started at 21:25.