14 in 2001

The deputy team leader was contacted by Whitehaven police to respond to call for assistance from a family who were cragfast on Nab Gill, above Boot in Eskdale. The advance group could see the family stuck on the loose scree, high on the crags above the Burnmmoor Hotel. They had managed to find a secure area in amongst the oak trees but were too scared to come back down. A rope was fixed to the rocks and the young mother and her daughter were carefully led back down the mountain to the father who had raised the alarm. This had started as a fishing expedition due to no access to river fishing due to foot and mouth. They had been told that there was a tarn [Blea Tarn] where they could fish just up from Boot "…just go over the bridge, past the mill shop and turn left…..". Unfortunately they got themselves lost in the overgrown bracken and then on the craggy area. The couple were not dressed for fell walking as it was a fishing trip (i.e. plastic bag with bait and slip on shoes) – even so they had managed to avoid falling into the many disused mineshafts and adits which litter the face of the fell and were camouflaged with tall bracken. The team brought them safely back down to the valley bottom to re-unite with the husband/ father. Well done to the team member who had the awkward job of route finding, and carrying the fishing rod through the high ferns and gorse.

Just a short note to thank your team for the assistance given to us last week. Their efficiency & calm is a credit to the organisation. pic as attached as promised, hope it travels without a hic-cup. Good luck for future rescues & be careful !

Incident started at 14:30.