Great Gable – Sat 8th Oct 2016

We were called by Police about a group of 10 reporting themselves stuck on scree whilst descending Great Gable. By the time the team leader phoned them back they had retraced their steps to the top and were making their own way off the mountain.

Napes, Great Gable – Fri 3rd Jun 2016

The team was contacted by Cumbria Police to assist a group of walkers on Great Gable. One of their members had become stuck on the scree slope of Great Hell Gate. The team leader offered some advice and the group managed to self help.

Great Gable – Sat 9th Jan 2016

We were called by Police about a party reporting themselves lost after descending Great Gable. One of the party was also reported to have a knee injury and struggling to move. In the end the party managed to make their own way off the mountain and were met by team Read more…

Great Gable – Tue 5th Jan 2016

A University group got separated on Great Gable and one of their members become lost. The Team Leader managed to provide directions to the lost member who then made their own way down to Wasdale without any further assistance.

Great Gable – Sun 8th Nov 2015

We were contacted by Police about a single walker reported lost whilst trying to return to his car after the Great Gable event. Given his possible location both Cockermouth and Keswick teams were also contacted. The Police also provided investigative support to help locate his possible position. He was eventually Read more…

Great Gable – Wed 16th Sep 2015

We were called by the Police about 2 walkers who reported themselves cragfast whilst descending from Great Gable to Beck Head. On phoning them back they had regained the path and were able to continue on their way.

Great Gable – Sun 2nd Aug 2015

We were called by Police about 2 walkers who had become cragfast whilst descending from Great Gable. One had also suffered a minor head wound from a falling rock. They were located with the help of Sarloc. Once on scene team members were able to help them back onto the Read more…

Great Gable – Sat 27th Jun 2015

The second callout was to a gentleman with a hip injury on Great Gable, above Beck Head. Thanks to Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team who assisted on the carry to Beck Head and then took the casualty down to Black Sail Hut whilst we descended to Wasdale.

Great Gable – Thu 4th Jun 2015

The fourth (and final) incident of the night was to a mother and son lost on Great Gable. Again there was no phone reception to gather further information. A search dog and handler were dispatched and the pair were found close to the Gavel Neese intake wall.