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Great Gable
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This afternoon two walkers found themselves in difficult terrain having lost the descent path from Great Gable summit down to Beck Head. The Cockermouth Team Leader was initially tasked and after speaking to the lost persons managed to encourage them to self rescue by directing them back to path. The task was then passed over to the Wasdale Team Leader who further encouraged and monitored the descent back into the Wasdale valley.

Two team members were deployed with spare lights to intercept them on the way down if they were unable to proceed safely due to the fading light as sunset was at 1600 and they had only their phone lights to light their way.

Thank you to Cockermouth MRT for making that initial contact and getting them moving asap. Winter is here, it is getting dark very early now and the summits are seeing temperatures as low as -10 degrees after dark. Please stay safe and enjoy the fells responsibly; see for more information on how to safely enjoy your day on the hill.

Incident started at 15:04 and ended at 17:14 making 2.2 hrs in total. There were 3 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 208 104. Total rescuer hours: 7