26 in 2020
Straight Gill, Lingmell
The team were in Eskdale taking part in a training exercise when a call came through at 19:37 from 2 walkers who reported themselves stuck on steep ground, they were not sure of their location, but confirmed that they were uninjured.
The team leader was able to talk to them and establish a likely location, which was subsequently confirmed as Lingmell Crag through Phone Find.
Having left the training exercise team members made their way to the summit of Lingmell. Fortunately, another team member was already in the vicinity, he was able to get close enough to pinpoint them and act as a spotter to guide other team members in, as the walkers could not be seen from above. Another team member was also able to make visual contact before the light faded. From the summit of Lingmell the team were able to descend on ropes to the walkers.
300m of rope were used to make the team members and casualties safe and help them up to the top. The team and casualties then descended to Brackenclose. Once back at base, vehicles and kit were decontaminated or quarantined.

Incident started at 19:37 and ended at 03:30 making 7.9 hrs in total. There were 17 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY21000823. Total rescuer hours: 134