25 in 2003
Wastwater Screes

Call from the Police at about 1700hrs. Two people (man and wife) in their 60’s had walked from Boot, over Burnmoor and along the Scree path on the southern side of Wastwater. They’d got stuck on the scree, about 100 metres from the water
edge. The team leader spoke to them (by mobile) but it was clear they weren’t going to move without assistance, so a limited callout was activated.

Two team members went in from the Wastwater pump house at the west end of the lake, while four more members
launched the boat from cross walls. Three or four other members also turned up and were therefore brought across the water to assist.

The two people were put in climbing harnesses and given helmets, before being assisted to walk down to the boat. They were then taken to cross wall and given a lift back to their car in Boot, Eskdale.

The rescue base was closed at 2100hrs. One of the hottest days this summer with temperatures in the 30’s

Incident started at 17:00 and ended at 21:00 making 4 hrs in total.