35 in 2004

The team leader was called at work to respond to an incident where two people had capsized in Wastwater. The team has a rescue boat and so a limited callout was done to bring in the boat squad. Before the vehicle and boat left the rescue base at Gosforth the incident was stood down as a report came in that the casualties were out of the water and had been taken to West Cumberland hospital by ambulance.The following day more information of the incident was received. It involved two women walking the Scree path. One broke or twisted her ankle and the team would normally have been called to assist. Then along comes a passing canoeist – who offered to take the pair of them across the lake. Apparently, he set off with one on the front and one on the back but somewhere in the middle, he capsized, dumping both in the water.An Ambulance was called and got there but by the time the team received the request for assistance the group had managed to get to the lake shore, somewhere near cross walls. The woman with the ankle injury was taken to West Cumberland Hospital in the Ambulance and the wet woman was taken to Wasdale Head (where she was staying anyway).

Incident started at 16:04.