11 in 2018
East Buttress, Scafell
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The team was contacted at around 5.30pm after a lone walker had fallen a considerable distance down a snow slope on the south side of Mickledore ridge sustaining multiple injuries.  Initially Helimed 58 came to assist but had to depart due to night fall, but not before confirming the casualty location.  Due to the suspected nature of the injuries and long evacuation times, a Coastguard helicopter was requested from Prestwick.  After assessing the scene they lifted team members to the casualty site.  The casualty was packaged and moved to a more accessible location for winching and after being lifted from the hillside was take to Newcastle RVI.

We were also supported by Duddon & Fruness MRT who were en-route to assist in the long stretcher evacuation down Eskdale had the helicopter not been able to complete the tasking.

This very challenging 7 hour rescue, high on the flanks of Scafell Pike with steep compacted snow and ice conditions with very low temperatures.  Although every effort was made by the team and several mountaineers who found the injured lone walker, along with the best efforts of the SAR winchman on scene and helicopter crew in getting the casualty to the trauma Hospital in Newcastle, the casualty did not survive and sadly passed away in hospital.

Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Icy conditions heading up to Mickledore


Incident started at 17:32 and ended at 00:32 making 7 hrs in total. There were 15 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY21050672 (altitude 787 m). Total rescuer hours: 105