50 in 2020
Green Hole, Upper Eskdale
Other Agencies

2 walkers reported themselves lost after descending from Bowfell in the wrong direction. They had intended to head to Langdale.The call initially went to Langdale and Ambleside MRT because of this but was transferred to Wasdale when a “phonefind” confirmed their position.
The Wasdale team leader was able to have one phone conversation with them but reception was abysmal. They were advised to start walking down the valley, keeping the river on their right, as they would have had a very long wait for help if they’d stayed where they were – 2 hours or more – and in deteriorating weather and poorly clad, they would have been at risk of hypothermia. They would have picked up the path within a short distance.
They had a map but no compass, no food and were wearing shorts and raincoats.
Again, as Wasdale team were still dealing with the Kirk Fell incident, Duddon and Furness sent some team members up the two likely descent routes and the party were found well down the path to the foot of Harknott.
They were taken to a local pub to warm up and arrange transport back to Langdale.
Many thanks to Duddon and Furness team who handled this incident.

Incident started at 17:51 and ended at 21:27 making 3.6 hrs in total. Incident occured at NY 2389 0810.