18 in 2023
Piers Gill, Scafell Pike
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The search from callout 16 continued at first light with more Rescue Team members and search dogs from across Cumbria and the North East. The weather remained wet and very misty, making searching in bad ground very challenging and negating the use of helicopter support. He was eventually found at around 14.30hrs as teams were making their way off the hill, on the East bank of Piers Gill. He was hypothermic, with knee, leg and foot injuries, but thankfully alive. Teams brought a stretcher and necessary equipment up to the scene, and after treatment he was stretchered off the hill and taken to hospital.

We rarely comment on a rescue, but in this case, we would like to say he was very, very fortunate to have survived his ordeal. We also have to say that Google maps on smart phones are not suitable for navigating on the hills, they lack detail and of course will not work with a flat battery. There is no substitute for a map and compass and being able to use them. They can save one’s life. There were over 70 rescuers from 9 teams involved along with search dogs and team drones. The team wishes to thank the incredible support provided from all the teams that were involved from across Cumbria and from adjacent regions. Also the willingness of both the Helimed and Coastguard helicopter to respond, but prevented by the bad weather.

Incident started at 06:03 and ended at 14:47 making 8.7 hrs in total. There were 10 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY21490860. Total rescuer hours: 87