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Wastwater Screes
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The team were alerted to help two walkers and their dog who were attempting to cross the Screes by the lakeshore of Wast Water. At the start of the last boulder field their dog became unwell and refused to move further. We were able to help by sending some team members by foot and also launching our boat. We then carefully carried the very friendly pooch ‘hand over hand’ at times down the very slippery boulder field to the shore. The boat team then transferred the party to safety on the roadside of the lake for their onward journey and the team stood down.
(Unfortunately, despite chasing the rainbow in a very picturesque setting, no pots of gold were found during this callout)

Incident started at 17:41 and ended at 20:55 making 3.2 hrs in total. There were 14 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 153046. Total rescuer hours: 45