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Great End
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In the third request for our help on Saturday evening, a call was received from Cumbria Police. Walkers who were wild camping in Upper Eskdale had heard shouts for help indicating that someone was lost. Unfortunately the mobile signal was very poor and the informant was not able to be called back for further information, despite many attempts. With a vast area to search and no indication of location it was agreed with the police to review and attempt to contact the informant again in the morning.
At 08:45 the following morning, the police received another call saying that different walkers had heard shouts for help from a gully between Great End and Broad Crag. The team was called out quickly, now that a good location was apparent. However, an hour later the informant phoned again to update – he and his son had investigated and managed to find the lost group who were actually a party of three, plus dog. They were all cold but otherwise fit and well. The party was guided back down to the Corridor Route, where team members met up with them. After a quick assessment they then all made their way safely back to the valley floor.
Huge thanks to Phil Hartley and his son Jack for helping the group and doing most of the rescue! Jack was the first person to hear the shouts in the morning.

Incident started at 20:12 and ended at 15:46 making 19.6 hrs in total. There were 17 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 333