89 in 2010
Pikes Crag, Scafell Pike

Call from police to help two walkers (Three Peakers), male and female in their 20s who had set off from Wasdale in the early hours of the morning and were now lost in a craggy area. The Duty Team leader assessed their location via their mobile phone which put them in the area below Pikes crag. A limited call out resulted in around 8 team members being involved. They were quickly located and walked back down the mountain. Incident closed at around 11.00 a.m. – Better preparation and training would have avoided the rescue.

Incident started at 07:19 and ended at 11:00 making 3.7 hrs in total. There were 8 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY 20857 07094 (altitude 722 m). Total rescuer hours: 30