5 in 2008
Stand Crag, Great End
Other Agencies

Call from Keswick MRT to help locate two male climbers who were lost somewhere to the west of Great End. The two climbers had completed the winter route, Central Gulley on Great End and after coming out on the summit walked off to the right, descended, but became lost on their descent. They were sheltering behind a boulder and were wet through and cold. They had lights. 16 team members were deployed on the fell along with the Wasdale Search dog and handler. Whilst ascending the fells, one of the search groups spotted a lone male walker by a wall who was waving. He was located, found to be wet through tired and totally lost. Having become separated from his walking companion, probably still on the mountain, he was taken back to the Wasdale Head Inn to establish his details. He and his companion became incident 13.While the Wasdale team were carrying out their deployed routes, the Keswick team members already on the Corridor route saw the lights of the lost climbers/ They were eventually located at Stand Crag, half way along the Corridor route. They were walked back to Seathwaite via Styhead Stretcher box. Wasdale were stood down at around 9.00 p.m.

Incident started at 19:42 and ended at 21:00 making 1.3 hrs in total. There were 16 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY2192 0868 (altitude 579 m). Total rescuer hours: 21