19 in 2005
Great Gable
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Call from one of the team members who lives at the Wasdale Head. They had the wife of a man who was very late back from doing Great Gable. She’d last seen him part way up at about 12.30pm but there was also medical history that gave us cause for concern over his safety. The Team Leader informed the Police and initiated a full team call out. He also requested assistance from Keswick and Cockermouth MRT’s and involved a number of SARDA dogs. Two team members based at Wasdale Head set off ahead of the rest of the team to quickly cover his intended route and another team member who was is also based at the Wasdale Head looked after the informant.The two team members soon spotted the missing walker (a 54 yr old male) making his own way off the mountain. They assisted him make the final stages of the descent and took him back to the Hotel, where he was subsequently taken to the West Cumberland Hospital for treatment – he’d probably broken bones in a hand, having had a tumble fall earlier on.Other teams and most Wasdale stood down when he was seen to be making his own way down – that was at 9.40pm. Incident closed at 10.40pm.

Incident started at 18:00 and ended at 22:40 making 4.7 hrs in total.