24 in 2004
Woolworth Boulder, Scafell Pike
Other Agencies

The team were called out to attend to a 46 yr old local man who had collapsed at the Woolworth Boulder with diabetic related problem but now had central chest pain. The party of four walkers had set off earlier that morning from the head of the Lake on the way up to Scafell Pike from Brackenclose. The call was raised by mobile phone. The collapsed walker remained fully conscious throughout but was concerned over his chest pains. An RAF helicopter from Boulmer was requested, came to Brackenclose, landed and stood by with engines running. When the cloud base had lifted sufficiently the helicopter took off and met up with the descending stretcher party. The casualty was airlifted to West Cumberland Hospital where he is now recovering and in good spirits as I write this at 2100 hrs. There were around 12 to 15 team members on the callout.

Incident started at 13:10. There were 15 Wasdale team members involved.