27 in 2006
Scafell Pike

The police paged the team who were already at the Wasdale Head at the fundraising Kern Knotts weekend to rescue a dog who was unable to walk down from Scafell Pike. The dog, a lovely natured 6 and half year old labrador called Prince had badly injured both of his rear paws and could not walk. His owner, who was from the north east, had called the police via her mobile phone. Their car was at Seathwaite in Borrowdale but the quickest way off the mountain was to Brackenclose in Wasdale. Prince was given canine care and his paws bandaged before he was carefully carried down the mountain on a lightweight stretcher. Although a dog, he was a well proportioned heavy boned animal approaching 6 stones in weight. The six team members who had worked hard to come up the mountain in extremely hot and humid conditions would definitely require additional resources to get him off the mountain. A further 5 team members were summoned from the valley bottom to bring up water and food (it was excessively hot and humid and many of the team member were low on energy due to the time of the call – the BBQ was just about to start ( see Kern Knotts Auction) when the call came in – also there were no running streams above Brown Tongue due to the very hot weather).The carry down took significantly longer than it would have with a normal casualty and so, with a lot of patience on the part of team members, Prince was eventually back at Brackenclose by 10.00 p.m. As their car was parked at Seathwaite, Prince would have to endure a further 2 hours in a taxi – its a dogs life……… positive outcome for the team was some good publicity. Radio Cumbria were running news stories on the rescue on the Monday and hopefully the local papers will pick up on the story See the pictures of the rescue, his bandaged paws by clicking on the photo…. p.s. This was a very first rescues for one of our probationary members who is planning to write a suitable article as a true-life rescue story… there were a lot of doggy jokes on the way down but the best one was when Base asked for an update on the casualty condition and everyone, including Prince’s owner shouted …..RUFF see true-life rescue story here

Incident started at 17:21 and ended at 22:00 making 4.7 hrs in total. There were 11 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 52