37 in 2004
Scafell Pike

The team were already at the Head for the Lingmel Dash fell race when the vehicle was approached at 1630 hours by a mother and three children who had become separated from the father and 14 yrs old son whilst climbing Scafell Pike. The five had set off from Brackenclose and when they had crossed the stream crossing at the bottom of Brown Tongue, the son decided to head off up the path at 1300 hrs. The father then went on after him leaving the rest of the group. After some time the mother proceeded up the path junction at the top of Brown Tongue and decided to come back down, raising the alarm at 1630 hrs. The team were dispatched to locate the father and son. Shortly thereafter the father turns up at the vehicle to say that he had eventually caught up with his son on the top of the Pike but when they were coming back down he lost sight of him again at the Stream crossing, bottom of Brown Tongue at around 1700 hrs. The team who were now on the fell checked with walkers if they had seen a young boy on his own and eventually located the lad making his way back up Scafell Pike to find his father. The boy was walked off the mountain and the incident was closed when all five were reunited.

Incident started at 16:15.