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Great Gable
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Team members treat the casualty

Team members treat the casualty

The remembrance Sunday gathering on the summit of Great Gable had just concluded and the 500 plus fell goers and climbers were descending their various descent routes. Cloud was down to Styhead Pass and it was raining, very windy and cold (5 degrees on the summit). A 59 year-old male walker from Lancashire accompanied by his wife had attended the gathering, descended from Gable and were just climbing up Green Gable when he collapsed and lost consciousness. Three walkers close by administered immediate first aid and summoned help.A Keswick MRT team member was in close proximity and called on the radio “any Wasdale MRT member on Gable?”Approximately ten Wasdale MRT members had been at the 11 o’clock gathering and were therefore close to the casualty site. Within 5 minutes the first Wasdale team member was on scene to assist followed quickly by a second who had a large bivvy tent, the remainder of the Wasdale members followed in quick succession. The stretcher and casualty bag from the Styhead stretcher box had been collected by three of the Wasdale MRT personnel who had already descended to Styhead.Within a short period of time the casualty was revived and although still very unwell able to talk. A medivac helicopter was requested along with a call out of the full Keswick MRT. The helicopter from Great North Air Ambulance landed at Styhead Pass (cloud base) after ferrying Keswick team members up from the valley bottom. The joint teams sledged and carried the casualty down the Arron Slack gulley. The casualty was put on board the helicopter and was airlifted to Carlisle. The incident was closed down by mid afternoon. At the time of writing this report his condition is unknown. [now understood to have been a heart attack]. The Great North Air Ambulance press release is included below.

Pride of Cumbria undertakes its 100th MissionThe “Pride of Cumbria” took to the sky on Sunday to complete its 100th mission to date. The aircraft was activated by the Police when Keswick MRT requested assistance to help a man who had collapsed on Green Gable. Members of the Wasdale MRT were already on scene. The Pride of Cumbria flew up Green Gable but was unable to reach the summit due to the low cloud base. The helicopter then returned to Seathwaite where members of the Keswick Mountain Rescue Team were airlifted to Sty Head Tarn by the helicopter. The mountain rescue team then had to climb a further 1000ft to reach the casualty where he was being treated for exposure. The Mountain Rescue Team then stretchered the patient on the 45 minute descent down Green Gable to Sty Head Tarn where the patient was given further treatment by the Air Ambulance Paramedic before being flown to the Cumberland Infirmary at Carlisle.Paramedic Jon Ker on board the Cumbria aircraft said ” The Mountain Rescue Teams did a fantastic job and it was brilliant being able to assist the Mountain Rescue Teams to rescue this gentleman off Green Gable and then to airlift him to hospital in a very short time. It was excellent being able to work in partnership with the Mountain Rescue Teams.”

Incident started at 11:45.