Wastwater Screes – Mon 18th Jun 2018

We were called by Police about 2 walkers who’d become stuck in the boulder field on the Wasdale Screes path after it rained and the rocks became greasy. They were located by team members who came in on foot then evacuated in the team boat back to the pump house.

Eskdale – Tue 25th Jul 2017

We were called by Police about a group of young walkers on a DofE expedition reporting themselves cragfast whilst trying to descend into Eskdale. Using the accurate grid reference they supplied they were quickly located on a steep bracken covered bank overlooking Low Birker. They were helped back onto the Read more…

Great Gable – Sat 8th Oct 2016

We were called by Police about a group of 10 reporting themselves stuck on scree whilst descending Great Gable. By the time the team leader phoned them back they had retraced their steps to the top and were making their own way off the mountain.