53 in 2020
Great Gable
The first of two jobs that came in succession today was a 999 call to the Police by a male in his 20’s who had become separated from his party in poor conditions whilst attempting to summit Great Gable.
The young man had reported that he was on difficult wet slippery terrain and was unable to accurately determine his location. Although, the young man was able to make that initial 999 phone call, any further attempts by the Team Leader to contact him was not possible.
Due to the him reporting himself as being safe and uninjured the decision was made to wait it out to see if the weather would clear. This eventually happened and he was able to reunite himself with his friends under his own steam.

Incident started at 13:24 and ended at 14:54 making 1.5 hrs in total. There was 1 Wasdale team member involved and the incident occured at NY 211103. Total rescuer hours: 1.5