11 in 2001
Scafell Pike

The team leader received a call from the Wasdale Head Hotel regarding three missing people (doing the three peaks). Originally a group of 7, they had split up having left the summit of Scafell Pike at around 1900 hrs. Four of them had made it back to Brackenclose by 2030 hrs. but three were still overdue. He was advised that they were two men (aged around 30) and one woman (aged around 25) and that they were poorly equipped – shorts, day sacs, no torches, therefore not really up to spending the night out, given the weather – cold, windy and wet weather, with low cloud and poor visibility.
Although the team does not provide a free guiding service, the team leader had the feeling that we would probably have to go for them. He set 2300 hrs. as a further time to review the incident and one of the team members went down to Brackenclose to see if he could spot any sign of them descending Brown Tongue.
The team member rang again, from his mobile phone at Brackenclose at 2315 hrs., to say he had spoken to one and that the other two would be close behind. The log on the incident was closed, having confirmed that they had made a navigational error and spent some time in Eskdale, prior to walking back over to Wasdale.

Incident started at 21:45.