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Hollowstones, Scafell Pike
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Whist callout 101 was ongoing, a further call was received from Cumbria Police about two walkers who had also become wet and cold and were concerned for their safety.
Additional team members were called out, however, the Team Leader was able to walk and talk them down a significant distance with the aid of repeated Phonefind messages. The team located them fairly low down and escorted them back to Brackenclose. The team then returned to base, and after filling up the drying room, restocked the vehicles ready for the next callout.
#BeAdventureSmart and make a good day better.
Ask yourself three questions before you set off:
1. Do I have the right GEAR ?
2. Do I know what the WEATHER will be like?
3. Am I confident that I have the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS for the day?

Incident started at 21:21 and ended at 23:54 making 2.6 hrs in total. There were 9 Wasdale team members involved and the incident occured at NY206074. Total rescuer hours: 23