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Scafell Pike
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A call was received from Cumbria Police about a walker overdue from a walk up Scafell Pike. Two walkers had become separated and one had not returned to their car. However, very limited information was available due to lack of phone battery from the informant. Also the overdue walker was believed to have no battery remaining on their phone.
With little information to go from the Team Leader asked a team member to check car parks in Wasdale, however nothing was found. The police were then able to obtain coordinates from the original call, with a location at Three Shire Stone on Wrynose Pass. With this information the callout was transferred to Langdale Ambleside MRT. This was resolved with a good outcome later in the night.
#BeAdventureSmart and make a good day better.
Ask yourself three questions before you set off:
1. Do I have the right GEAR ?
2. Do I know what the WEATHER will be like?
3. Am I confident that I have the KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS for the day?

Incident started at 20:46 and ended at 22:10 making 1.4 hrs in total. There were 3 Wasdale team members involved. Total rescuer hours: 4.2